Q1. How much time does it take to install a solar PV system?
It takes about 2-4 weeks to install a smaller system and about 4-8 weeks for larger systems. However, the actual construction time at the site is much lower since almost half of the time is spent on off-site activities such as design, engineering, procurement, etc. In certain cases, there may be variations to these timelines on account of access to the site, rains, etc.

What should I do to get my site ready for a solar installation?
Not much. You just need to ensure that there is clear access to the site for movement of material and manpower and that your site is clear from any unwanted material. The solar installer may need access to power & water.

Will my power supply be affected during the Solar PV system installation?
No, there will not be any interruption in your power supply.

Q2. What factors are important to consider during Solar PV system installation?
Good solar installers follow standard procedures and quality standards. So once you’ve chosen the right installer, you don’t have to worry about supervision. However, it may be a good practice to:

  • Ask for layout drawing and bill of material.
  • Ensure that the delivered material is as per the bill of material, is damage free and is kept at a safe place.
  • Ensure that cables and wires are properly tied and clamped.

Q3.What would be the annual maintenance cost for a solar PV system?
The annual maintenance and recurring costs are almost negligible, since there are no moving parts and the input fuel (sunlight) is free. For optimum performance, the system only requires cleaning of modules and basic preventive and corrective maintenance. However, for off-grid systems where batteries are used, the maintenance costs are higher on account of battery replacement every 3-5 years. To ensure high generation and low maintenance cost, regular monitoring through data loggers is highly recommended. Typically, the maintenance costs for smaller Solar PV systems is about 2% of the initial system cost, and for larger systems is about 1% of the initial cost. 

What maintenance does a Solar PV system require?
The two primary aspects of maintaining a solar PV system are to regularly monitor your system’s performance through the data logger and to clean the panels about 2 -5 times in a month.

Q4.What permits & approvals do I need to install a solar PV system?
No permits would be needed, if you are going to install off grid Solar PV system or grid connected system for captive (self) consumption. For net metering and gross metering system, certain permits and approvals are required.
For Net & Gross Metering:

  1. Approval from DISCOM for grid connectivity.
  2. CEIG(Chief electrical inspector to the government of state) approval for the capacity more than 10 KW(This capacity may vary from state to state).

Will my system installer assist me in getting the permits and approval?
Yes, the system installer will!
But it is better to discuss and finalize all of these things with the installer before signing the contract.